I'll See You At Eleven (But Not Tonight... Yawn!)

by Mike Levin

Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Hi Adi. I love you more than anything. One of the small things I can do for you is to create a website where I’m really just talking to you, even though it’s published to the world. Your dad can’t do many things well, but one thing I can do is publish a website and write a lot. I guess that’s 2 things.

I do not really expect you to read it. But if you ever want to know what your dad is thinking about you, just check here.

My original idea is to talk to you in video at eleven… 11:00 AM and 11:00 PM. That way you’ll always know when to come to this site to see my live YouTube broadcast begin. I won’t be doing that tonight because I stayed up so late for the last 2 nights, until like 2:00 AM (just like you!). So I’ll be going to sleep soon after doing the dishes and taking out the trash.

Life is full of a lot of dishes and trash. No matter how horrible it feels to do dishes and throw out trash, it’s something you’ve got to just man-up and do. Otherwise you’ll be drowning in trash all your life, and that starts to effect the mind.