Planning A Dungeons & Dragons Campaign For The Kid

by Mike Levin

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Having a wonderful evening with Nat. Doing the setup for a D&D adventure to Procrasti-Nation having to do with the “middle” town between Goblet and Fizz being into cooking unusual meat. Adi immediately went to cannibalism but I pointed out the world of possibility in D&D.

I told them how Procrasti-Nation was created… oh wait! This goes onto of course! Okay, copy/pasted this story there. Wow, this is a fabulous web-publishing approach. Anyway, we’re sitting in the living room of the little cottage house we rented for 2-years.

Okay, so plan this adventure. We already established that it is a highly accomplished wizard and a silver dragon… ooh, just Googled it. SOOOO glad I chose a silver dragon. They like to take the form of humans and live in the company of humans and elves. I made an interesting halfling connection too.

A thieving guild troupe of halflings that call themselves the Pickertysnickets mounted a campaign against Procrasti-Nation and was the only party to have members return from a campaign. The halflings were oddly close-mouthed…

Oh wait! Ahhh! The middle-town between Fizz and Goblet IS Prorasti-Nation with the silver dragon actually living in the town as a human with a vast underground nation right under the town. The dragon and the seasoned wizard with whom the dragon is friends decided rather than to keep running, they’d settle down right where they were and take charge of all the campaigns leaving to find Procrasti-Nation with misdirection, sending them on wild goose-chases and sometimes to their inevitable doom, depending on whether the wizard and/or dragon (whichever the adventurers meet first) likes the party or not.

Let’s make some identities! Okay…

Okay, that’s good. Now for a few halfling characters and a novel bartender.

Okay, and the barkeep:

Thu Apr 21 00:01:55 EDT 2022

Wow, just had a wonderful D&D session with Adi setting up the Procrasti-Nation adventure just like planned. They met all the above characters plus a few.