How About Dungeons & Dragons Picnics On The River?

by Mike Levin

Friday, May 06, 2022

Hi there Kiddo. Thinking about you every day. I just got some long plastic pipes to use as a sort of rail to load the canoe onto the car more easily. This will let me lift the canoe onto the top of the car more easily and encourage me to take you boating on the river more often this summer, just the two of us.

And unlike previous times when I said no to going downriver because of no way to get back to the car, this time we’ll have the electric bike with us and we can go downriver just fine. I may let you ride on the bike with me back up to the car. We will take 2 helmets just in case.

I got a few steaks for this weekend again. I got the steaks before you showed me that wonderful YouTube video about cooking in the drier. I subscribed to Food Theory. Ugh!

I can’t wait to see you. I think I pick you up Sunday night and bring you back Monday night. I think I may call into work sick for a you & me day if you like. If you just want down-time, that’s okay too! We will have plenty of canoe weekends this summer. Even after June I can keep the canoe in the storage place here and we can come out and do trips. D&D picnics on the river!